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Eat Healthy

How to change your ways for the better and live longer and more healthy:

A friend of mine told me of her father who lost his wife (her mother) and was determined to not end his life as she had; with dementia and other severe challenges.  Her father asked how to change and she gave him the following list of foods to focus on eating and guess what?  The change was so dramatic that people started asking if he was her husband…  🙂

The following is the list of things my friend told her father to focus on.  Like many things in life, it’s relatively simple, but hard to execute and not keep cheating… and give up on the healthy lifestyle…

From Michelle Fresquez:

“Pretty much all veggies are unlimited with the exception of potatoes and corn. Limit those.

Celery has negative calories,  meaning you burn more eating that, than you consume.


Flax seeds are amazing.

Cinnamon helps to lower blood sugars as well as turmeric, cayenne, garlic, ginger and raw apple cider vinegar.

Moringa is an excellent supplement. Fiber has with cholesterol,  sugar and weight loss. Krill oil is better than fish oils and flax seeds, even the oil, as well as primrose oil, has more good omegas than fish oil.


Limit your bread intake and if you can, change to gluten free and that includes pasta.

Brown rice and quinoa are the best grains to eat as well as black rice which is natural rice that has a high concentrate of iodine and protects your thyroid as well as body from EMFs and radiation.


Pink Himalayan salt is best to use as this has 84 natural occurring minerals that your body needs and helps to hydrate you while this salt does not cause hypertension of any kind… and prevents cramps.


Dark chocolate,  not american made one , is very good for you. At least 70% cacao and provides a multitude of antioxidants.


If you can, limit sugar intake if not natural sugar, to 7 grams a meal. Once again, at all costs, avoid fake, processed sweeteners. Xylitol is the best one if you have to have.

Stevia is a natural root and is a natural sweetener.


Work up to drinking 64 oz of water a day and 1 glass for every 10 lbs of excess weight.

Water helps to cleanse the blood, oxygenates it, and prevents it from being too sticky in our veins and arteries as well as helps to transport fat out of our cells. Especially if you drink warm water with lemon or hot tea of most kinds about 30 mins after you eat.

Make sure you eat a little protein before bed so that you can avoid a sugar spike.


Always make sure that all meals have protein and no matter what the western medicine says, eat a little protein every 2 hours.

That keeps insulin from spiking or pancreas from pushing out any unnecessary sugar. Also keeps your body burning fat and utilizing its own resources from the food to transfer into energy.

You can have as much of the good fats and protein that you want. Chicken, if not organic tends to spike sugar due to the hormones they inject into them. Best chicken is organic or free range, all natural with no hormones or GMOs and white meat such as breasts and wings.

The darker portions hold more of the bad fat.

Good fats include, avocados and avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin , organic coconut oil, organic grapeseed oil, ghee,  natural oil from nuts and grass fed butter. Stay away from canola oil, vegetable oil, corn oil and margarine.


Eat a handful of nuts for protein like, almonds, pistachios, cashews and walnuts.

Good quality cheese and plain greek or arabic yogurt. I like to add fruit to mine and some nuts. The medical community will tell you to eat sugar free but your brain thinks it’s sugar and will trigger an insulin spike so stay away from fake, processed sugar, sweeteners or anything processed if you can avoid it.


Good quality meats, and eat the whole egg, not just the whites. All of the nutrients are in the yolk. The darker the yolk, the more nutritious it is and buy organic, pasture raised eggs.

Avoid milk. Hemp milk is best but almond, coconut or cashew milk are good alternatives.  Drink organic and read the labels. If it says that it has calcium carbonate, that is essentially chalk like they use for chalk boards and is crap for the body. Our bodies do not know how to digest that. 


Stay away from fruit juices of all kinds! Instead, eat the whole fruit but stay away from grapes and limit bananas since those have the most sugar.

Best are berries, grapefruit and lemons.”

So, for our Veterans, families of, and civilians connected to us here at VFV, we thank you Michelle for sharing your thoughts on health eating… and cuddos to your dad for the life change!

Steve Durgin

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