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All of my life I worked...My first passion was the Marine Corps. I grew up watching the war with Huntley, Brinkley, and Walter Cronkite. I watched my friends older brothers come back and went to some funerals. I knew what they had given up to defend my freedom. I joined at 17 but it was 73 and the Marines were pulled out in 72... I left in 1977 after a training accident. My next passion was Law Enforcement. I still felt the need to serve. I stayed until 99 when a bullet through my femoral artery ended any hope of returning. I met the great passion of life while going to school. She stood by me during my episodes of PTSD and helped me finish my computer degree. God had sent me an Angel. He also introduced me to photography. Each photo I take, I know that it is God that has given me the picture of his world to share. Photography is my passion now. It is for the Glory of God and his beautiful creation and gift to us. Lol, a big sharing moment from me to those that will understand...

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