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I’m Marching to Make a Difference

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Welcome to Angelea Torn, one of our Captains for the Veterans March on America. She shares her compassion for veterans, and hoping you will join a march if there is one near in the United States.


Okay, so I kinda look like I’m going to go play bingo, but my girls had the idea, and implemented the whole thing, to help me go marching.

The care packages are ready to go. We’ve got a banner. We’re all patriotic looking. so people WILL notice us. We are ready to go marching.

This is a major step for me; stepping outside of my “office” and getting out there and spreading the word, by marching.

I’ve heard that there is enough “awareness,” but I disagree. What there is, largely, is acceptance of how things are. and that’s not acceptable to me.

This is a grassroots movement, and we will all be marching at the SAME TIME. In just a few short months, cities across our great Nation were able to get marches organized in their areas. Many were able to get a Proclamation for “Veterans Issue Awareness” day. News channels have picked up the story, and people are excited. this isn’t something that will fizzle out, either. We already have future events planned (near future), that will continue throughout the year.

We have people from all fields participating. and we have the most incredible teams working their backside off so that they can effect change for the Veteran community.

Right now, some of you see us organizing, and you don’t realize the magnitude of the hearts behind this March. but I’m telling you now, that they are HUGE..

We want the Capitol cities. We want THE Capitol. We want to end Veteran suicide, homelessness, and joblessness… we want organizations to stop worrying about finances, and focus on the mission. We want our Veterans to stop thinking “What if,” and start THRIVING.

So. I am going to go out with my family, and those who join us. and I am going to represent Victory For Veterans/Veterans March On: America with my old lady bingo hat. I will be marching for veterans.

I’m going to show up, I’m going to reach out, and I’m going to make a difference, because that is what I do.

Angelea Torn

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