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Kimmer's Korner

This is something that Derrick Iozzio and I wrote responding to each other by the verse:

There are days in life you're going to feel like a mess. But every day you get to live, you'll be blessed. By the little things you might not see or do. Please know that you are loved, if even by a few.

Yes, there will be days when you feel messy.

On that, you can count, but don't let it stress thee.

For you have survived those days, more than a few.

Surrounded by others who really love you.

Keep going and do what you do.

Spread the love to others from me and you.

On our messy days we can still be strong.

Your guide can help you and you won't be alone.

The journey we take can feel so long.

Peers supports are here for you like a chaperone.

We want to help you to stay on your course.

But only when you are ready to do the work.

If you need information, we can find a source.

Who knows you might end up writing a book.

I have had those days, I was a mess.

Those days I tried.

Those days I lied.

To a peer, I was able to confess.

That peer knew I couldn't hide.

Like dust on a shelf.

I was only fooling myself.

A peer is someone who has been there.

A person with a story to share.

A peer knows how to care.

When you find yourself in a mess.

Find a person and talk out the stress.

Soon you will feel better.

And maybe even write a letter.

Explain how you took a look

Inside yourself.

And like my friend, write a book.

I too, have had messy days.

In fact, most of my life was in such an array.

I cried.

I tried to say goodbye.

To a peer I was able to open up.

And release all of that messy stuff.

And after doing so, I felt much relief.

That in myself I began to believe.

That there were people in which I could trust.

Because on this healing journey that is a must.

Not only that, I found I could trust myself.

And was able to remove that dust from my shelf.

I found the people to talk out my stress.

And now my days are less a mess.

Thank you for being here when I do need help.

Because I know that you care, and it is heartfelt.

On paper we should keep writing our words.

To keep our progress from going backwards.

We don't want to go back to the past, what a mess.

Remember that each day we live we are blessed.

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H Gene Lawrence
H Gene Lawrence
Jun 27, 2023

I am here for you. Very nice and I appreciate you sharing it. Many blessings.

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