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Leaving Your Old Self and People

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Some people in our lives can’t handle growth, it’s not good or bad, more like indifference.  I recall feeling like some of my loved ones just needed me to “Stay Sick”.  My PTSD became crippling and they’d prefer to count my sins and focus on my past instead of allowing me to move forward and blossom into the new growth of my same self but an improved self.  It is hard to let go of people you love but when they keep you “sick” refuse to see the new you as a wonderful new blessing they sadly hold you down and hold you back.

Currently, I have taken a break from writing to focus on my children and my family since I just under went a major shift like this and it was a painful and long process.  Thankfully I have risen above and past the painful part of this growth and I am now ready to continue my journey with the ones willing to cheer me on not the ones wanting to keep me swimming backwards and keep me from my many purposes.

LC Johnston

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