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Marching Forward!

It’s with great excitement that Veterans March On: America announces we have reached our halfway goal of 25 states organized thus far!!! We will continue to work hard and secure locations in the remaining 25 states in the coming weeks so that Veterans across the country will have a place to raise their voices together to be heard.  With this growth we are also happy to announce the expansion of our leadership. Rich ‘Sledge’ Hanner has accepted the position of Director of Communication. We look forward to continued growth and national attention in the coming days as we work to bring our message to the masses – Veterans gave of themselves and now they deserve to have what was promised to be given in return.

You may have noticed the Event Page went down today, sorry for any inconvenience, but we are just relocating it under this FB page, to consolidate all to one central place. Please be sure to share with all your friends and family! Thank you!

For future questions, information and/or interviews please email:

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