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Never Say Good-Bye to a Marine – “SEE YOU LATER!” R.I.P. Cpl Scott McCarroll!


We just found out yesterday that Cpl Scott McCarroll passed away peacefully in his apartment on February 26, 2019, at the age of 62.

My last contact with him was in December 2018 and I reached out to him in January to see if he was doing okay and I didn’t receive a reply.

Scott was always in a lot of pain with his back and some other issues I won’t go into, but he was always great to speak with on our calls and he always had great things to share, no matter how bad he was hurting that particular day. He was a Marine and you never say good-bye to a Marine!


You will never hear us say Goodbye

as well leave our Marine’s side

We hug

and hold them tight

Struggle as we might

We Whisper

“See you Later”

Those three word say

Love you

Proud of you

Always in our thoughts

Miss you

Stay safe

Be strong

That hug, those words

Never get easier

Though the meaning

gets stronger

and stronger each time.

Semper Fi!

Jennifer Kiesling 2013

Here’s a Hug and Whisper Scott from all of your friends


He will be missed, and We thank him for his friendship and toughness. We were all better for knowing you Scott, but we’re also less because you’re gone.

COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs and all your Friends at Warriors for Life (WFL)

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