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We recently came across another great resource for any struggling with PTS and wanted to get this information out as soon as possible.  Take a look:

Taking Control of Your Trauma: A Guide to PTSD Treatment This not only has great general information about this mental health disorder, but it also sheds light on the many treatment options available for those struggling with it.

The Guide to Managing PTSD as a Tradesman Working as a skilled tradesman can be a wonderful career, but may present challenges to someone with PTSD, especially if they were a combat veteran. This guide offers wonderful insight on how to overcome these obstacles.

PTSD in Children — Does Your Child Have Symptoms? Sadly, many children are affected by PTSD (this article notes that an estimated “60 percent of children who survive disasters” develop it, among others). This resource will help concerned parents find help for their children.

Promoting Mental Health at Home: How to Design the Perfect Meditation Room Many people with PTSD have told me that along with therapy, meditation and yoga are both wonderful ways to ease their symptoms. It’s really easy to create a calming space for practicing both at home.

So, You Want a PTSD Service Dog? Man’s best friend is quickly becoming a renowned source of support for those with PTSD (as well as many other mental health issues). This great article has answers for anyone with questions about getting one of these special creatures for themselves or a loved one.

The Veterans’ Complete Guide to Relocation For veterans with PTSD, it sometimes helps to get a fresh start post-service. This guide is an excellent resource for those who are ready to move on.

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