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PTSD – War Battles in the Brain

We at Victory for Veterans thank you for dropping by. Our goal is that you find hope and answers here. We try to help you stand strong. We hope you will join us often to get more signs of hope. Stay strong!

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The soldier was on watch in his bunker. He was relaxing while he kept his eyes on the wired fences. It was a clam night and it seemed serene and peaceful.

Then all hell broke loose. It wasn’t a ground attack it was from the air. The vietcong were shooting everything they had into the compound. The soldier heard screaming, but he was taught to keep his down while the bombs came in.

Finally it stopped. The soldier slowly rose his head over the edge of the trench, and what he saw put him into shock. He could see many of his buddies lying dead, or badly wounded.

The screams were overbearing. The blood was everywhere.

The soldier finished his tour and thought he was free of the war, but little did he know his personal war was just starting. He started battling PTSD.

He was sent to a special VA clinic that allows the veterans to actually live there and get treated. He saw doctors every day. He was counseled on a regular basis. There was no improvement. His battle now was why did he live and so many friends die. A typical question from thousands of veterans seeking help for PTSD.

This story is based on Truth. Much of what I wrote I learned from this very soldier I wrote about. I interviewed him. It was hard on both of us.

There are thousands of similar stories to this one. PTSD is a horrible affliction that way too many of our brothers and sisters have to fight.

If you are battling PTSD, I feel your pain. I reach out to you, and want you to know I am praying for you and all other afflicted veterans.


Here at Victory for Veterans Foundation, we are united to find ways to help our veterans. We are doing many things to help when we can. We have partnered with other nonprofits that help veterans in different way. The partnerships make both organizations stronger.


We are in the middle of our Bike22 campaign. Steve Durgin, our founder, has been riding across the great nation seeking support for our veterans. He will be many cities by the time he is finished.

His next stop is Castle Rock, Colorado 13 August, 2017. Come join the #CrazyBillionDollarGuy in this next BIKE22 event!

I invite you to join him there if you live in the area. There is a sign up area on our site here. You can register, and then ride with Steve. Also check out the whole schedule to see when Steve is coming to your area.

There will be FREE food, water, music and fun!!! Also, special RAFFLE of awesome things… How about a ride over the Rockies in a small airplane??? Also, a BIKE22 Jersey will be raffled as well… and others!

Here is the information you need to get started. Click on the link and just do it:


Veterans… If you are in physical or mental pain, please seek help.

There is always 24/7 help at 1-877-995-5247

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