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See What's Happening at Victory for Veterans, Inc (VFV)

Victory for Veterans, Inc (VFV) is always looking for some great warrior volunteers to help us out online and from the comfort of their home.

We're also looking for great businesses to partner with (nonprofit and for-Profit Businesses).

We're always looking for those great Volunteers to step up and help VFV with A Flower on Every Grave at new VA cemeteries across, the VFVRIDE (Warriors for Life) Poker/Dice Runs, Life Readiness Center - USA (Denver & other Cities), Facilitators for Warriors for Life (WFL) Online Peer Support Groups, and the Good Aviation & Veterans Museum.

VFV has no paid employees, so all of the activites that you see above are conducted by volunteers. All the money raise goes back to support veterans and our mission.

VFV Mission - Our Mission

Restoring Hope

Our mission is to reduce suicide among our warriors: our Veterans, First Responders and Care Givers! Like us all, Veterans, First Responders and Care Givers need a helping hand now and then and we help these men and women through Healing and Support.

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