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Support "A Flower on Every Grave" & Victory for Veterans at These Cemeteries on Memorial Day!

Victory for Veterans has been a supporter and partner with the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation since 2016. Where the Foundation wants to honor those who served, Victory for Veterans works to help those who are serving and retired.

One-third of your donations goes directly to Victory for Veterans, Inc to help its mission to educate and prevent veteran, first responder, and service member suicides and continue the "Warriors for Life" Online Peer Support Program.

"Help us reach our goals for the roses needed for this mission while helping veterans that are struggling at the same time through Victory for Veterans, Inc primary mission." — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs, Chairman, Board of Directors

Here are the cemeteries that we'll placing a "A Flower on Every Grave" in 2021 on Memorial Day - make your donation today:

Fort Logan National Cemetery

Originally known as “the camp near the city of Denver”, the Fort was named after General John A. Logan in 1889. Although closed for operations in May 1946, Congress authorized used of its land as a national cemetery in 1950. With a total area of 214 acres, Fort Logan National Cemetery holds the remains of 122,000 veterans.

Cemetery Organizer - COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs, his wife Bella, and Mother Wanda

Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery

Opened in 2006, Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen spans 174 acres and currently holds the remains of about 10,000 veterans and their families.

Dedication for Bella Burroughs' Father

Loren L. Hazeldahl was a loving father, son, and husband who selflessly served in the Vietnam War as a Marine. He also suffered immensely from PTSD the rest of his life from time at war. He lost his very personal battle with PTSD on 12/8/2015 by his own hands. Please help us make sure his suicide and so many others do not go in vain and by showing your continued support. We will not stop until every veteran of war is brought home and saved physically as well as mentally.

Cemetery Organizer: Steve Durgin, CEO & Founder, Victory for Veterans, Inc


Great Lakes National Cemetery

Established in 2005, Great Lakes National Cemetery is one of two national cemeteries in the state of Michigan. Covering nearly 550 acres, this cemetery is the final resting place of nearly 30,000 veterans and their loved ones.


We wish to dedicate our efforts at Great Lakes National Cemetery to remember our dear friend, veteran Mark Kuzinski.

Cemetery Organizer: LTC (Ret) Wayne Brandon, Board Advisor, Victory for Veterans, Inc.


Houston National Cemetery

Houston National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery in unincorporated Harris County, Texas, near Houston. It encompasses 419.2 acres only about half of which is developed. The cemetery has more than 100,000 interments as of 2019

Cemetery Organizer: Michael and Teresa Toth, Board Advisors, Victory for Veterans, Inc.


Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery

Established in 1983 in Evansville, Wyoming, the peaceful grounds provide a solemn resting place for the state’s veterans and their spouses.

Cemetery Organizer: Ed Good, Board Advisor, Victory for Veterans, Inc


"Join us in honoring our veterans on Memorial Day, make a donation for the roses, or become a sponsor for this great program "A Flower on Every Grave". Just click on the link and get started today." Thanks for your support — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

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