The Colonel’s Motivational Quotes of Day!

The Colonel’s Motivational Quotes of Day!

Good “Tuesday” Morning Everyone from the “Eagle’s Nest” in route back to Castle Rock, CO from Fort Bragg, NC early in the morning — 6 August 2019!

Don’t forget to join SGT Steve McFarland & Warriors for Life (WFL) Healing Through Faith tonight – Lead by Example “Dirty Feet!” Check it Out:

Today is: “Human Beings Day!” Why Not?

“As a leader be remembered as the leader who treated all human beings with self-respect, fairness, and with a sense of sincerity? Be tough, demanding, and bold with integrity that comes from the heart!” — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

“When I look at a person, I see a person – not a rank, not a class, not a title.” — Criss Jami, Killosophy

“It is not about how much money we make or how big and powerful our work appears to others, it is about the love with which we put into each act of kindness toward another human being.” — Joyce Vissell

“You don’t have to be religious to make the world a better place to live — you have to be just a human being.” — Elmar Hussein

“Life is a Long Journey between Human Being and Being Human. Let’s take at least one step each day to cover the distance.” — Drishti Bablani

“Let your light shine as an inspiration to humanity and BE THE REASON someone believes in the goodness of people.” — Germany Kent

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” — Roy T. Bennett

“There is no greater miracle than our conscious efforts to become good human beings.” — Sri Chinmoy

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