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The Colonel’s Motivational Quotes of the Day and Week!

The Colonel’s Motivational Quotes of the Day and Week!

Good “Red Friday” Morning Everyone from the “Eagle’s Nest” in Castle Rock, CO — 19 July 2019! Dont forget to “Remember Everyone Deployed” until they return home once again.

Today is: “Encouragement Day!” Why Not?

“As individuals and leaders you should extend that helping hand to those in need every opportunity you get – you can provide the hope and encouragement to make a difference!” — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

“Encouragement goes straight to the heart and is always available. Be an encourager. Always.” — Roy T. Bennett

“A word of encouragement is as refreshing as a cold drink on a hot summer day.” — Unknown Author

“Who do you spend time with? Criticizers or encouragers? Surround yourself with those who believe in you. Your life is too important for anything less.” — Steve Goodier

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” — Shannon L. Alder

“Here is little habit that can make a big difference. Send sunbeams. Intentionally send a word of encouragement or appreciation every day to one person.” — Steve Goodier

“Encouragement is like water to the soul, it makes everything grow.” — Chris Burkmenn

“90% of learning comes through encouragement.” — Kevin Thoman

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