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The Fourth Pains

The Fourth Pains

by Steven Bates 4 July 2023

Today's the Fourth but for the few

Who spent their time defending you

The fourth by day, they celebrate

But come nighttime, it's not so great

That's when bombs bursting in air

Bring back times that often scare

Sudden noises, flashes, bangs

Bring out hidden, horrific pains

I myself, and this I preach

Have headphones near where I can reach

While for others fireworks are a pretty sight

My music plays throughout the night

While I sleep or just relaxing

Just so the noises aren't too taxing

Heaven forbid I'm near a window

When starburst patterns build to crescendo

Yes, once a soldier, and much more

Facing danger in the war

But now I'm home and war is done

Except holidays are not so fun

When the house is quiet, kids are sleeping

I'm in a corner, cowering, weeping

Remembering things the fireworks brought

Remembering things I'd rather not

So, remember please the veteran who

Gave his freedoms so that you

Can fire that rocket, mega bombastic

That explodes so brightly and fantastic

They're still here but in seclusion

Trying to deal with the illusion

That's in their mind each 4th of July

That this is another chance to die

Keep in mind and celebrate

Only on that special date

For when you pop a firework off

On the fifth or sixth and scoff

Remember the veteran wasn't prepared

And you just made a Hero scared.

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