Warriors for Life (WFL) TONIGHT with Kirk Poe - "Post Traumatic Growth!"

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

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Warriors for Life (WFL) - "Post Traumatic Growth!"

TONIGHT's Topic: "Post Traumatic Growth!"

Despite seventeen years of psychotherapy for symptoms of posttraumatic-stress disorder (PTSD) tracing back to the Vietnam war, Rich’s insomnia was so disabling that he had checked himself in two months earlier for yet another round of inpatient treatment at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. When he tried to sleep, any of more than a hundred haunting war memories might intrude into his awareness. Gary then focused on several of Rich’s most intense war memories, using the same tapping procedure. They, too, were similarly “neutralized” within an hour. He still remembered them, of course, but they had lost their debilitating emotional charge. Gary taught Rich a technique for stimulating energy points that he could apply to his remaining memories outside the treatment setting. He complied with this homework assignment, focusing on several of the more intense memories.

Eventually, there was a “generalization effect” in that, after a number of the traumatic memories had been neutralized, the others lost their overwhelming emotional charge. Haunting memories simply stopped intruding into Rich’s awareness, even at night. Within a few days his insomnia had cleared, and he discontinued his medication. He checked himself out of the hospital shortly after that. At a two-month telephone follow-up, he was still free of the height phobia, the insomnia, and the intrusion of disturbing war memories. Most of the twenty V.A. Hospital patients that Gary and Adrienne worked with enjoyed near-immediate, readily observable results for PTSD symptoms that had in many instances resisted years of psychotherapy.

From “The Promise of Energy Psychology” Tune in TONIGHT as we learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is also known as "Tapping".

This method of holistic healing has proven to be very effective in helping with Post Traumatic Stress and other invisible injuries.

Perhaps this will turn your “Post Traumatic Stress” into “Post Traumatic Growth”.

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