What is the Slight Edge?

Good December to you all,

A while back I shared about The Slight Edge before, but wanted to share again.  This book is making a difference as I think on it and re-read it.  The significance of just a slight edge in life, in health, in any pursuit is quite amazing. …

So, why don’t more people succeed?

It is because they don’t see RESULTS!

The lack of results is what makes this (life) so difficult and requires more effort than anything I have undertaken – ever.  It is the pursuit of something that you don’t see benefit from, but must BELIEVE that the benefit exists.

In our fast food, fast diet, fast everything life, instant messaging world, we have come to expect fast results.  Guess what?  They don’t really exist in real life.  Results come after arduous effort and consistent and persistent work.  That’s why they dub the term, “Work Ethic”!

This is also why the military are soooo good.  Because of their work ethic and their commitment!

Two years ago I began an adventure to bring solutions for Veterans.  I believed and still believe they are a great group of men and women who have gotten the raw end of the deal!  The deal that us “civilians” benefit from.  It is sometimes difficult to see this benefit; that which we call freedom.  We can’t really appreciate this Freedom, until it is taken away!

So, taking a look back on these two years with VFV, one could ascertain that not much has taken place.  But the Slight Edge would disagree…  We have unleashed a dragon that is just in the birthing stage… First there was ONE volunteer, my good buddy Doug Bolton!  Then there were TWO, then THREE, then a whole Board of Directors of 11 with an awesome cast under the keen direction of Col Mikel Burroughs (ret).

In the beginning, we had NO services to offer Veterans… NOW, we have two very significant service offerings:

  1. IT Apprenticeship – where Veterans can learn this trade for less than $100 (which normally costs $4,000+)

  2. Zero Down Home Ownership Program – where Veterans can get into a home with NO out of pocket expenses, including repairs, all costs covered with the home in ready to move in condition.

So, what began as an idea now has little buds developing…  Our events: BIKE22, RIDE22, Flowers On Every Grave, Warriors For Life, The Good Aviation Museum… ARE making an impact with Veterans.

Here’s the reality:

If we touch ONE life, then we have succeeded!  But, we have actually touched thousand through our events and programs!

The initial dream, “To raise a Billion Dollars” to serve our Veterans, earned me the title of “Crazy Billion Dollar Guy” by Maran Shaker at the FIRST BIKE22 ride in Las Vegas, NV, July 2017.

Do you know how to raise a Billion Dollars?

One dollar at a time!

How do you impact 22 Million Veterans?

One Veteran at a time!

It doesn’t take much folks.  The Slight Edge says a little, seemingly insignificant effort done consistently yields awesome results.  Even if you can’t SEE the results immediately, trust that they will follow.

Did you know a penny doubled every day for 31 days yields over $10MM dollars?  Check it out.  Do the math!

But, after just a week you’ve built up a small fortune of $.64 – 64 cents!  Can’t even get a cup of coffee with that.  .. and you’re now 1/4 of the way through your month … and so little results.  Easy to get discouraged at that time!

There are 300M+ in the USA.  If every person gave $3.33 dollars each, we’d reach $1B.  Quite easy, yet so difficult.

As we near the end of another year, 2018, I plead with you to consider the COST of YOUR FREEDOM and give $3.33 and ask your friends, family, neighbors, to do the same.  Help us raise this $1B for the service of our Veterans.  Step past your fears, past your untrusting self and launch into a new area… give a Veteran a chance at life.  After all, he/she gave their ALL for you and has returned to try and live a life, like you and I do, FREE and LIBERATED.  But they need our help.  I am asking all civilians to stretch a bit.  Give of your abundance and help us open new initiatives.

We have many ideas to help, including our next initiative to open Wellness Centers, focused on HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) which is KNOWN to save lives from TBI!  Don’t trust these comments, then look it up!  Do some homework and read about the benefits of HBOT…  If you still dissagree then write me or call me!  BUT…


Call me: 719-491-0717

Write me: steved@victoryforveterans.org

Make a donation: https://victoryforveterans.org/donate/

Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Give life to a Veteran this December!

In your service and theirs,

Steve Durgin

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