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Temple Massager

Relieve stress, tension, cluster headaches and more...

How The Temple Massager Came About...

In September of 1997, I was nearing the end of my military career as a Combat Engineer and college student and was under heavy stress. I started to develop pain in my lower jaw area, began to poke and prod at my facial muscles with my sunglasses, and decided that I needed to buy a temple massager immediately. But such a device did not exist. Realizing the potential in the product, I spent years developing a prototype and in 2008 received a patent. As I was working on this project, the men and women I had served with were being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Seeing the stress they were under I hoped the Temple Massager would help them and other veterans to relax. Over the next 11 years, I gave away 2,800 of them. Now, with unprecedented stress in the workplace, we're making the Temple Massager available for everyone.

A Story About The Positive Effect Of The Temple Massager...

In 2009 while giving Temple Massagers away to a group of Combat Engineers deploying to Afghanistan, a sergeant came up to me, holding the temple massager I’d just given him. He said he was sending it home to his daughter in northern California. I asked him "why?" He quietly told me that his daughter was in Iraq in 2005 and injured during a bombing and as a result was unable to lift her arm up to her head. He was sending it home to her because he and his wife had always given their daughter a temple massage to help her sleep but while deployed, his wife had to take a second job and wouldn't be able to give her massages. This story has a happy ending with everyone making it home. Months later the company commander issued a letter stating that the Temple Massager had helped combat soldiers relax while back at their base between patrols and missions. If you experience any facial musculature tension issues or want to relax naturally then you need to try the Temple Massager.

The Meisch Temple Massager will continue to support the military and veterans through reduced costs and donations.

The Data

Temple Massager. Inc. is currently undergoing pre-clinical trials with Polytrauma Systems of Care VA Palo Alto, Ca and Stanford University School of Medicine to test the efficacy of the Temple Massager in mild and moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients who suffer from headaches. 

In addition to the data forthcoming from these studies, Temple Massager has years of anecdotal data from surveys, user feedback, and questionnaires conducted at CalState Hayward University, Marines at 29 Palms and the storied Camp Pendleton. Results from these sources are exceptional.

Temple Massager has been invited to present our abstract at the 2017 2018 Stanford School of Medicine Neuroscience Forum, 2017 2018 Palo Alto, Veterans Administration TBI Forum and most recently the Military Health Systems Research Symposium

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