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Are Employment and Hope related?

Happy Thanksgiving to all ~~~

                   HOLD ON A MINUTE!!!

I know everyone is focused on being thankful for what you have … and that is GREAT!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all..

But, I wanted to write that not all are having a happy time of it.

Here at Victory For Veterans we hear story after story of hopelessness, isolation, traumas, financial hardships, unemployment and so many other issues.

But, in the attached list, from Mental Health Daily, at the bottom of this posting you’ll note that Financial issues are, or can be responsible for some of the other items on the list… and UNEMPLOYMENT, #7 on the list, leads to FINANCIAL challenges, #14 on the list.

UNEMPLOYMENT also can lead to social isolation (#8), relationship problems (#9), and others..

So, for us here at VFV, we think Unemployment is a main reason folks lose hope… cuz it leads to other reasons…

In the article it says, “Feeling trapped and unable to cope” and “When pain exceeds our abilities to cope, we feel hopeless to change and feel suicidal.

To increase a persons chances of success we feel employment is key. Employment = money and money can buy things like health care, housing, food, and others that aid in our feelings of value. Does money = happiness? No. We aren’t talking about happiness, just the feeling that there is hope in this world..

VFV has already launched one program to aid in EMPLOYMENT… Specifically our ‘Veteran IT Apprenticeship.’

I want to share that this program, just launched two weeks ago, now has six veterans in the program and a waiting list of 10. Why do we have a waiting list? Well, the cost of the program is $500 and VFV is paying this fee for our Veterans, but we need the funding to do so.

Our goal = 2,000 Veterans in the program.

This coming Tuesday, 28 November, is #GivingTuesday and your gift of ANY size will be DOUBLED on that day, between 8am ET and 9pm ET. DOUBLED by Facebook and the Gates Foundation.

What a great opportunity to be thankful for what you have AND give an opportunity to a Veteran to change their lives.

Would you please consider making a donation of any size on 28 Nov?

Take a look at what these two boys, 10 and 11 years old, did for Veterans just a few days ago:

Would you join these boys in giving something on Tuesday?

To give, just go to our FB page at VFVets and click on the Donate button.

We are hoping to raise $50,000 which will be doubled for a grand total of $100,000 on that day. We already have commitments of $15k towards that $50k… We need your help.

This will allow us to fund 200 Veterans in the program.

THANK YOU for your help.

Also, 100%, yes one hundred percent of YOUR GIFT on THIS day will go to help a VET!

What a great Thanksgiving and Christmas gift you can give a Veteran this year!

Thank you, Steve, Founder VFV

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