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Bike 22 Will Save Lives

We at Victory for Veterans thank you for dropping by. Our goal is that you find hope and answers here. We try to help you stand strong. We hope you will join us often to get more signs of hope. Stay strong!


We have a new feature we are excited about! If you look over to the upper right area of this blog you will see a new addition. It is a way to subscribe to this veteran blog. All you have to do is write your email address in the space provided, and you will automatically receive future posts directly to your inbox.

No more having to come back. We really appreciate it your involvement. Please tell others about us!


We are getting very close to our first Bike 22 event. (The 22 represents how many veterans take their lives every day.) The Bike 22 rides start the first week of July. Over 90 cities will be visited by CEO Steve Durgin here at Victory for Veterans. I will be adding links and you can find the city near you so you can ride with Steve as he comes into your city. Another link will have the registration.

Why is Steve doing this? Very good question.

Steve comes from a military family. He has several who have sacrificed their time to serve their country. He wants to give back to our veterans and let them know they are important. That is why he created Bike 22.

Why do we need to reach out to veterans? Another good question

The amount of suicides in the military is alarming. 22 veterans take their own lives every day. I said every day! This is not every year! That is how Steve came up with the title Bike 22. There are many other veterans who are homeless and live on the streets. Others are battling PTSD, TBI, depression, war wounds, etc.

What will the Bike 22 do to raise money? You ask many good questions! 🙂

During the Bike 22 events people will register to ride with steve on their own bikes. The registration cost is $44.00. That money will be used to help our veterans. With each registration there will be a complementary Bike 22 T-shirt.

As a side note… If you have a need to do a fundraiser, look no further. If you take charge and seek out people to fill out a Bike 22 registration, your group will get back $5.00 for every registration you get. That could be substantial. In the bigger cities Steve will be visiting, you could get as many as 5,000 people to sign up. You know how much that would be for your group? $25,000 dollars!

Click on the link below and get started. We need your support!

For those of you, veterans and current military, who may be suffering some of the afflictions I mentioned above, stand strong!!

Do not let the darkness overcome you. Move out into the light of support you have all around you. Seek help! Tell your family you need them. You should never feel you have to be tough and stand alone. Fight back!

Doug Bolton

There is always 24/7 help at 1-877-995-5247


You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all…never, ever, give up!

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