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Happy New Year to you all!

The month of January is EMPLOYMENT month at VFV!

Why Employment?

We feel Employment is key to: a) reduction in suicides, b) generally more healthy individual, c) even health and housing…

A) Statistics show about 20% of suicides result from unemployment or underemployment… as these lead to a sense of hopelessness.

B) Overall health: Having a good job that pays well enough to afford critical things in our lives like housing, health care, even fun activities brings a good balance to our lives.  Having that good job can have a positive affect on all of this and reduce stress!

C) Health and Housing:  In many cases, health care premiums are paid for by employers, or a good portion of the premiums.  Also, employed individuals tend to afford better housing.  Even when our health provider doesn’t cover certain procedures, having that great job can often allow us to get the extra treatments, including better dental, better vision care, etc.


At Victory For Veterans Foundation, we embarked on bringing an IT Apprenticeship program to our Veterans.  Since the launch in late November we now have almost 100 Veterans in this key program.  Why IT?  It is in high demand, and demands a high salary.  It is also quite stable as almost all organizations need IT…

#HiredUsingLSG (FREE 1 hour workshop on how to get hired in the CAREER of your choice)

We have launched our second key Employment initiative and it is the Career Camp, where 97% of folks going through the program come away employed, NOT just in a ‘job’, but in the CAREER they want!  We teach how to get around the job boards and get to the hiring manager.  We teach how to evaluate oneself to know what field drives passion and commitment.  #HiredUsingLSG is the 1 hour FREE workshop where one learns about our Career Camp.

VFV also has learned of some other amazing programs for Veterans.  One such one, in the IT space, is to help Veterans learn how to code software in 12 weeks!  This program is FREE to Veterans!

Regarding a job?  We have another organization we recently came in contact with that says, “Any Veteran willing to work – we have a job for them!”  Employers are standing at the ready to hire Veterans from this firm.

Did you know UPS has committed to hire 50,000 Veterans in 2018?


So, what does all this mean to you?

If you’re a Veteran and need work, then give us a call to discuss these and other options.

We can help you find the right job for you, through the Career Camp, or put you in touch with apprenticeships, or directly employed by a large variety of companies across the US.

But, all of this still requires something from you….


Action on your part.

If you, or someone you know, need help then give us a call or write us through the Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


If you’re a Civilian, we have programs that work for you too!  The same #HiredUsingLSG workshop is available to you as well.

Check all of this out on our web site:

The Employment Workshop info is found at:

If you’re interested in helping us fund a Veteran in these programs, each Veteran costs $500 in either program.  Please find our Donate Page at:



May 2018 bring great new opportunities for you!


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