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05 March 2024

Far too many Christians fall short of the assignment Jesus gave us because they aren't preaching the same gospel He did. When you ask most believers what the gospel of Jesus is, they will tell you about the provision Jesus made for us to go to heaven when we die instead of spending eternity in hell.


While that is indeed good, it is far less than the gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached. Salvation is simply the doorway into the Kingdom of God. But the Kingdom is much bigger. This Kingdom of God is here, now. We can enjoy all the benefits of God's Kingdom today. We don't have to wait until we step into eternity to enjoy the goodness God has already given us through Jesus.


Those who fixate on salvation only see hope in the next life. One result is they tend to be enamored with the end of the world and obsess about signs of the end times. Jesus gave us an assignment to make a difference in our world today by bringing God's Kingdom to earth so His will is done here as it is in heaven.


The Kingdom is our path to freedom from this world's cursed system and the hope we should be preaching to a suffering world. Besides, Jesus said the end that some believers are longing for won't come until we preach "this gospel of the Kingdom" throughout the entire world.


And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. 

— Matthew 24:14 (MEV)

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