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Home Buyer Certification

What if a $65 investment could land you $1,000 in real credits on your home mortgage closing costs?

That’s a return of over 15 times your money!

Well, then get ready cuz VFV has partnered with Western Housing Advisors to do just that!

Here’s their official offer:

Western Housing Advisors is offering $1,000 closing cost credit for those Veterans who use WHA for their VA purchase loan. And the program teaches you how to get $10,000 or more in additional down payment assistance and closing cost credits from sellers, lenders, realtors.

Head on over to the education site at:


What if ALL $65 you invest to get this awesome education ALSO benefits a Veteran nonprofit?

~~~ Now that’s something worth sharing! ~~~

Yep, that’s right – ALL of the proceeds from this program come back to VFV to fund our Veteran programs, like the IT Apprenticeship!  THANK YOU Western Housing Advisors!!!

Hope you can leverage this great deal, save the $1,000 and learn how to get those significant $$’s from the sellers, lenders and realtors in the process!

EDUCATE before buying!