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IT Apprenticeship – UPDATE

Wow, 250+ in the program… incredible.  BIG thank yous to ALR, AMVETS and Individuals helping fund the program.

Here are a few comments from participants:

Sabrina – “I have been in the program about 2 months now. Honestly I wish this program had been around before I spent a crap ton of money on my degree. The program is amazing, and the solidarity amongst all of us is amazing.”

Shawn – “For all the veterans in ETAC Inc‘s IT Apprenticeship program: this is important and needs to be shared by all of 200+ of us.  Steve Durgin at Victory For Veterans is doing a lot to raise awareness for the 22 veteran lives lost daily as well as helping to raise money for hardship entries into this program.   I was not a hardship applicant to this program, but it has already changed my life for the better.  I can only imagine the good it is currently doing for those that needed a ‘hand-up’ to get there. Ride22 (a motorcycle rally in Boerne, TX and other cities) will also be held in the city of San Antonio.

Thomas – “Wow! Insightful and true. Although new to the program, what drew me was the focus on mentoring and not just online classes that leave the veteran to his or her own devices. My 2 hour + talk with you about the program convinced me that your training is worth its weight in gold. I look forward to your training and mentoring and know that I am going to enjoy the challenges to come. Thanks for your honesty…

Although my numbers are already short … Check out the video about the program:

Steve, Founder VFV

Incredible job Terry and crew at ETAC, Inc – providers of

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