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"Let's Talk Turkey" TONIGHT with Veteran TSgt Steven Bates and Warriors for Life (WFL)

Join Volunteer and Veteran TSgt Steven Bates TONIGHT for Warriors for Life (WFL) Online Peer Group Support where "Sharing is Caring!"

Invite a Friend, tell a friend, and share with your friends!

Get connected, get involved, with Veterans, Service Members, First Responders, Military Families/Spouses, and Caretakers every Wednesday Night!

TONIGHT's Topic: "Let's Talk Turkey"

"With Thanksgiving tomorrow and stress and anxiety at the highest for some, let's just take a break from all the Thanksgiving ideologies and memes and just talk turkeys for a night. Yes, Turkeys. Those goofs, mistakes, ne'er do wells, things that just make us laugh. For one night, it's time to relax and laugh, unwind, and think of the biggest "turkeys" that have happened in your life, that you have seen, or that you have heard of. Just what is a "turkey"? It could be anything that flopped or failed. Dictionary dot com defines a turkey as something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful, especially a play or movie. So what are your favorite turkeys in your life? Let's enjoy a night of relaxing and comparing some real flops and failures... and just think, every failure and flop you are able to laugh at just proves how much progress you have made in realizing your own potential and success!! See you Wednesday night!"

Warriors for Life (WFL) Online Peer Group Support - Wednesday (TONIGHT), 24 November 2021 at 4:30 PM PT, 5:30 PM MT, 6:30 PM CT, and 7:30 PM ET Dial in 5-10 minutes early to test your communications! Volunteer and Veteran TSgt Steven Bates will be your host TONIGHT and is inviting you to a RingCentral meeting. Just follow the directions provided below and come join us on RingCentral.

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +1(773)2319226,, 5406700749# Or Telephone:Dial: +1 (773) 231 9226 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 540 670 0749 Thanks, TSgt Steven Bates

“Honor & Respect Always Warriors for Life!”

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