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PTSD – How it affects sleep?

For those suffering with TBI or PTSD, how your sleep has been affected?

We asked the above question of veterans we know and here are some responses that perhaps many can relate to…

From SGT David Petree:

I got this CPAP with a full face mask a while back . It helps don`t have as much walking in the bed. My temper is not always as Short . But it dose not help with the lack of pan chess . Am afraid to let any body shier my bed. Not enough room to avoid a full length arm swing. Being stressed out dose not help with sleep !! It keeps the mind running full out, so one can not sleep . then when one wants to sit & talk that is when one passes out , in the middle of the day , driving down the road !!  (used with permission)


MSG David Johnson:

I have a 100% PTS rating, but due to my back and neck injuries I’ve taken pain meds for the past 10 years. During this time my sleep had been shortened due to waking in pain. I also take meds to help me sleep. Since the VA is taking pain meds away my sleep is shortened even more, but I still do have dreams/nightmares on occasion, but not often. So PTS has affected my sleep in that way.   (used with permission)


Other anonymous responses: