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The “Colonel’s” VFV Motivational/Inspirational Quotes & Message of the Day!

Today's Message is: "Easy Path Day!" Why Not?

The “Colonel’s” VFV Motivational/Inspirational Quotes & Message of the Day!

Good “Sunday!” Morning “Band of Brothers & Sisters,” and all great connections. Welcome from the “Eagle’s Nest” in The Woodlands, TX — 14 November 2021!

Today’s Message is: “Easy Path Day!” Why Not?

“There will be days for a leader that the right path won’t be the easy path. They will come across things they’ll have to stick their necks out to accomplish and it will be the hard way, the tough path. Those leaders thrive and move through disruption until they find the right path!” COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

Come join Volunteer & Veteran SGT Steve McFarland TONIGHT for "Healing Through Faith" addition of Warriors for Life (WFL) Online Peer Group Support.

Invite a Friend, tell a friend, and share with your friends!

Get connected with Veterans, Service Members, First Responders, and Caretakers every Sunday!

TONIGHT's Topic: "Open Bible Discussion!"

Learn about Victory for Veterans' opening of the 1st Life Readiness Center in Denver, CO that provided holistic healing service to veterans and first responder:

For More information about victory for Veterans, Inc (VFV) and the Warriors for Life (WFL) Online Peer Group Support and the Flower on Every Grave (Memorial Day):

Support our Warriors in Need — "Challenge them to Stay Alive!":

Veterans in need of Financial Assistance due to hardship:

The Quote in the Picture Today Reads:

“Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.” — Pocahontas

More Awesome Quotes for Today’s Message:

“Easy paths, crowded destinations.” — Scott Belsky

“The easy path won’t lead you to the best views.” — Unknown Author

“There will always be an easy path and a right path.” — J.K. Rowling

“There is no easy path leading out of life and few are the easy ones that lie within it.” —Walter Savage Landor

“There are no short and easy paths to a long and lasting happiness.” — Nick Vujicic

“Most people are searching for a path to success that is both easy and certain. Most paths are neither.” — Seth Godin

“If we all tried to make other people’s paths easy, our own feet would have a smooth even place to walk on.” — Myrtle Reed

Be a Survivor and Reach Out and Join us for Warriors for Life (WFL) “Peer-to Peer”Online Peer Support Group where “Sharing is Caring!”:

“Remember this always and the meaning runs deep for all those who’ve served this great nation: 'Honor & Respect Always — Warriors for Life!' " — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

Check out all the BLOGs here on Victory for Veterans:

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