The Healer

Tonight I watched ‘THE HEALER’… which is about a family of individuals who had super healing powers and it was this young mans’ turn (it skips generations) to be the healer, but he refused the gift… and battled back to get it after he was touched by the life of one girl – whose life was failing her due to cancer…

I desire to be a healer for our Veterans; healing those considering suicide, finding housing for those homeless, securing great jobs for those unemployed or underemployed, or just plain help in any way a Veteran needs help…


I am NOT a healer!

My role is to tell the stories of thousands, actually millions of Veterans; what they face and the impact of the challenges on their lives and on their families!  Telling the stories of the families who have lost loved ones to suicide or killed in action or came back and just “drifted” away…

Telling the stories of those Veterans improperly treated upon their discharge from the service.  For those homeless or unable to get and hold jobs that are meaningful and provide well for them and their families.

I will continue speaking out on behalf of our Veterans and calling CIVILIANS to care!  To take action and do something on behalf of our 22+ million Veterans; “They fought for our freedom, let’s fight for theirs!

In my foundation video I describe how all the nonprofits and government programs in place to serve veterans are NOT CUTTING THE MUSTARD!  It’s not about any one in particular, just that they (and WE) all are failing… collectively!

VFV proposes a CHANGE in the way we approach serving veterans and in how we fund nonprofits serving them.

Much like the VC (Venture Capital) world, we intend to fund 100% of a nonprofits needs, thereby releasing them from the burden of raising funds… ever again.  We will assist in re-focusing the organization to the service that makes the biggest impact in a veterans life, coaching that organization on a month basis.  VFV will bring many of these nonprofits together and leverage the successes of each to provide that full service for each and every veteran that crosses our path with needs.  Finally, VFV will work toward sustainable futures for each nonprofit – so that we, the people of the United States of America can proudly say our veterans are well cared for!

We need 50 MILLION individual, civilians to care enough about this major national crisis and epidemic of suicides to contribute to this public foundation, Victory For Veterans Foundation, by giving $22…  Would you take action today and join our team of contributors in this effort?

Start slow and build…

We are currently in discussions with a nonprofit using horses as the means of therapy for veterans and family members suffering from PTS and TBI.  Would you help us fund this endeavor?

We are in discussions with a nonprofit providing bicycles as recreational therapy AND connecting these men and women in meaningful ways so they once again feel they “belong” to a significant group with shared purposes and values.  Would you help us fund this work?

We are in discussions with others to provide long-term care and growth centers where a veteran can stay for a month or up to two years to recover from the traumas they experienced in the service.  The centers will provide therapies like equine and traditional counseling.

Each will have an option to continue their education and get degrees.  Each will have opportunity to learn new trades; constructions, agriculture, electronics, etc. and many other significant programs to prepare them to re-engage with society and a new culture.  The military prepares and trains men and women for years for the service, but spends very little time “un-training” them to re-enter civilian life and work.  This transition is not an easy one!  These centers aim to make this transition easier and increase the success of the transition.  Would you help us fund these centers?

Folks have asked, “What do we do NOW for veterans?

At this juncture we are a) raising awareness to veteran challenges, especially survival (suicides), b

) growing the foundation one dollar at a time, b) working with individual veterans as their advocate before and w

ith the VA, the medical communities, their pensions, helping them understand PTS, TBI and MST and the impact on their lives, connecting veterans with housing and employment resources and taking action on behalf of these veterans.  We have support groups, recreational therapy options for veterans, housing and employment partners to direct veterans to receive the services they need and deserve.

Would you give a veteran that chance of success?  Would you give $22 and become one of the 50 million needed to make a significant change in our systems of care?  Would you share this with others you know to help us grow to that 50 million contributors?


Still others fear I or the next leader of this organization, or others inside will take advantage of the funds and run off… never to be seen again, as has happened in other organizations.  Here’

s what we have done to protect YOUR investment in our Veterans:

  1. We use a bank that uses a FOUR (4) point check system, so no ONE person (i.e. me) can write a check to themselves…  [This means the CEO and CFO can’t together steel the money]

  2. I, the CEO, am NOT a voting board member.  This means I don’t cast a vote on ANY issue/topic.  I can’t vote on my salary, on which nonprofits to fund, on any issue before the board that requires a vote.  We/I did this on purpose!  To create a separation from the one DOING the work and the ones DECIDING on what work to do!