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Vet IT Apprenticeship

Veteran IT Apprenticeship Program (VITA)

VFV has been VERY busy working to improve offerings for veterans and this is just one of many in the works…

VFV is happy to announce its service offering of IT Training through its partner, ETAC, Inc.


Veterans, Fire, Police, First Responders, Active Duty, and family members have access to TOP END IT TRAINING at an extremely discounted rate… as a matter of fact ETAC works hard so your training is


Yep, you heard right ~~~ paid by your employer!!!

ETAC does things backwards ~~ and in a good way, you’ll see.

Most training organizations train you right?  yep

They take your money, give you training, and out the door you go!  Whether online training, live, or whatever, the system is pretty much like this!

ETAC works with each Veteran to GET A JOB FIRST… IN THE ‘IT’ FIELD!!! yes, without experience.  Easy, nope!  Necessary, yep!

ETAC doesn’t want your MONEY… They and we want your SUCCESS!  Your success means ETAC gets paid — by the employer in most cases!

ETAC is Veteran and Family of Veteran owned!

This program is APPROVED and REGISTERED with the DOL (Department of Labor) and VA (Veterans Administration)… They’ve been training for 20 some years!

Enough about this in this blog.. If you are transitioning out of the military in 6 – 12 months, or have already separated and looking for a GREAT opportunity in this hot field, then go to and start learning about the deal.

Ok, here’s the “gotcha”… yep, i’m telling you up front how we get you!  You knew there had to be a catch right?

There is ONE FEE for the beginning portion, the “Pre-Apprenticeship” which is $500.  You’ll learn about what this is and WHY you need this… BEFORE you can get a job!!!

IF you can’t afford this right now, then that’s where VFV steps up to the plate for you and loans this to you.  Yep a loan.  Most veterans don’t want hand outs!  In addition, you’ll be asked to pay this back AND 25% more to PAY IT FORWARD… for the next Vet!  YOU, however, determine WHEN to pay this back!  You heard right ~ you pick the time, date, etc. to pay it forward.  We won’t come after you for it!  Ok, we will remind you at the completion of your course!

In this way you’ll feel great about having a new, awesome career AND feel even better by helping another follow in your footsteps!

Don’t wait – take ACTION ~ NOW

Hope to see you on the flip side and on your way to learning more asap!

Best to you,

Steve Durgin, Founder Victory For Veterans

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