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VITA – Casey

VFV’s VITA Fund – Second Recipient

Name: Casey

Date: November 15, 2017

A lot of it is pretty simple. I did some Offensive/Defensive Cyber Stuff for a little while and found that I really liked it. I decided that when I got out of the Army I would pursue a career in the IT field somewhere, with the end goal of ending up in cyber security. The problem was that car problems and family stuff tended to wipe out my savings account on a pretty regular basis…so we didn’t really have a lot of savings to stretch 

out on when I got out. Right now we’re living with my sister-in- law while I look for a job and study IT stuff. We’re barely scraping by on a shoestring budget right now and I’ve had to sell a bunch of stuff to keep us afloat…and we’re still leaning on our in-laws quite a bit. More than I’d like to be. We’re going to likely owe them a good bit of money when we’re out and back on our feet. Adding to the pile is a recent incident my wife had at the dentist – she was getting a root canal done and they botched it, which meant she had to go to the emergency room. The biggest problem is that our health insurance had lapsed literally the day before and so we are very likely to be looking at a pretty steep hospital bill along with all the additional dental bills we’ll be facing from having to fix everything again.

So…yeah. I’m doing all I can to get a job. I’ve had a few solid interviews that could turn into something and even an offer that, while it isn’t anything great, it’s at least some money but it’s not a good starting place for a career, let alone a foundation to pay off our bills and family debts. I’m waiting to see how these other two interviews play out before committing to something because those other jobs pay a lot better and give me a much more solid entry into the industry where my apprenticeship would be legitimately put to use. I’m thrashing around as best I can trying to keep my head above the water right now, but I’ve had to rely on a lot of outside help to do it. And as a get-er- done kind of person who’s always valued their independence and self-reliance, it’s legitimately one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I don’t like feeling beholden to other people. I’m not someone who wants a handout or a free lunch. I’ve always felt a deep and abiding need to earn my keep, and what I want the most is to be able to work hard, work smart, and provide for my family while I pursue and achieve my full potential in a challenging and rewarding career field that I deeply enjoy.


VFV is in need of funding as we have a waiting list of about 15 and growing daily and our goal is to put 2,000 into this program each year!  It takes $500 to fund one Veteran.  There are many ways to give; credit card, check, donate a car, truck, RV, yacht, property, business… many options.

Donate from our web site:  Find us on facebook at VFVets.

VFV strategically partners with ETAC in the provision of the IT Apprenticeship Program.  VFV is the funding partner.  ETAC the delivery partner.  We are grateful for the dedication and commitment ETAC gives to veterans.

Check out for more information.

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