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Warriors for Life (WFL) Virtual Group Support - Special Guest Veteran and Inventor SPC Joe Meisch!

Join Colonel (Ret) Mikel Burroughs and Special Guest Veteran and Inventory SPC Joe Meisch for Warriors for Life (WFL) Virtual Group Support Community Service as Joe gives his story leading up to his invention that can really help veterans and first responders.

Saturday's Topic: Joe's Story - "Unorthodox"

Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Inventory Joe Meisch

Unorthodox! Veteran reverses the flow of entrepreneurship in product development process.

"Forget the plan, forget how your supposed to do it, and forget about what the book says. Check your self, solve a problem and go for it." - Joe Meisch

A little about Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Inventor Joe Meisch:

"Seven (7) Years after my ETS and 13yrs as a 12B and 62J I found himself in the proverbial Hollywood Ca working with a premiere TV executive producer Michael Weinburg pitching a show that I had written.

I had a couple of agents one at premiere William Morris agency and the last was Annete Van Duren of Van Duren Agency, writing material on Sony studio lot and I was hanging out with "industry people" at parties and working at coffee shops.

I ended up getting a pitch to Comedy Central and an offer from Spike TV. Wow my first offer on my first product and here I am. I had many things to consider, one of them was an idea I was chasing that could help myself and others. 

Then my former supervisor SFC Micheal Ottolini was KIA in Iraq, I went to his funeral and that triggered a distant memory that roared back to me. As a 20 year old PVT in the Army reserve I could not save PVT Young from drowning. Micheals death richoced through my life at the same time I had to make a decision on what to pursue as a career. I had an offer from Spike TV and a budding career in comedy, my god I was so happy and enthusiastic, then I walked away from it. Why? Because I could not handle it all and I felt a calling to serve others through my device in honor of PVT Young and SFC Ottolini. A chance to be part of something bigger than myself was attractive since I had lost that when I exited the military.

I walked away to help service members and veterans in honor of two men I served with that gave all,  it immediately became very clear that I made the right decision." - Joe Meisch 

Joe Meisch, President

Meisch Temple Massager, Inc. SAM Registered business DUNS 828723895

707 321 4046

Veteran Owned Business

Sacrifice, the prerequisite of discipline.


Warriors for Life Group Support Community Service - Saturday, 16 November 2019 at 4:30 PM PT, 5:30 PM MT, 6:30 PM CT, and 7:30 PM ET

Dial in 5-10 minutes early to test your communications!

COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs will be your co-host with special guest Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Inventor SPC Joe Meisch presenting this Saturday evening and is inviting you to a RingCentral meeting. 

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: ;

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +1(773)2319226,, 3266151203# 

Or Telephone:

Dial:+1 (773) 231 9226 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 326 615 1203


COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

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