Warriors for Life (WFL) Virtual Group Support – This Week’s Lineup!

Victory for Veterans Foundation (VFV) will be soon bringing you virtual group support (6) days a week through the Warriors for Life (WFL) Virtual Group Support Community Services Program.

Here is the line up for this week as WFL continues to expand to provide friendly peer-to-peer support to our veterans, service members, and their families – we include first responders and civilians into our group who want to share and support our veterans through their own experiences with physical and invisible disabilities.

Mondays – WFL is currently open right now, but could be filled in the next or so with another great volunteer facilitator. (Standby)

Tuesdays – Starting next week on Tuesday – Veteran SGT Steve McFarland will bring topics and subjects about “Healing Through Faith” on his new evening.

Tuesdays – Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/4623907474

Wednesdays – This Wednesday evening join veteran Jania Masterson as she present here topic on “Insomnia – How PTSD Affects Our Sleep.”

Wednesdays – Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/4755059177

Thursdays – This Thursday evening spend some spritual time with Veteran Steve McFarland. Join Steve for his topic: “Forsaken” Psalm 22 and Matthew 27! (Starting next week veteran SGT Michael Thorin will return to Thursday evenings for more “Healing Through Faith!”)

Thursdays – Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/2697508821

Fridays – We’re leaving Fridays open for the future, but new facilitators are always welcome to step up and join our outstanding line up of great American volunteers for WFL Group Support Community Services Program.

Saturdays – Saturday evenings will always hosted by COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs. Mikel has a special guest speaker this Saturday evening, our very own veteran SGT Jennifer Rixe. Jennifer will be presenting a discussion on “Mindset!” You don’t want to miss this presentation and discussion.

Saturdays – Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/3266151203

Sundays – This Sunday evening we roll out our newest Facilitator Veteran PO3 Christopher St. John, a licensed Jungian psychotherapist from Denver, CO who will be discussing: “Communication and How to Communicate.”

Sundays – Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/4357174198

Below each week is a quick link to join these great volunteers and VFV’s Mission through WFL to provide support for those in need that suffer from physical and invisible disabilities virtually from the comfort of their own homes.

This program is FREE to all participates! VFV supports this program through donations, the sale of the Warriors for Life Challenge Coin, and the annual VFVRIDE!

Here is a link to provide a monthly donation or one time donation: https://victoryforveterans.org/donate/

If you want to support us by buying “WFL Challenge Coins” here is the link: https://victoryforveterans.org/warriors-for-life-coin/ These are great challenge gifts to hand off to a Warrior in need. The Challenge is to stay alive and help us reduce suicides among our warriors!

We also support the WFL Group Support Community Services Program through the annual VFVRIDEs around the country by motorcycle riders supporting our mission to help educate, provide virtual group support, and reduce suicides! If your interested in partnering with Victory for Veterans Foundation with a VFVRIDE (Poker Run, Dice Run, or Texas Hold ‘Em Run) contact COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs to get started in your City anywhere in the United States. Nonprofit will receive 25% of all registrations for the events they sponsor and host! For Profit Organizations can provide a 25% donation to their nonprofit of choice. Dates are flexible based on weather and locations.

If you want to learn more about volunteering to be a facilitator for any of the (7) days of the week please contact COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs at: mjb1057@aol.com

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