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Hired Using LSG

Hopefully you either laughed at the topic (showing your age) or got excited knowing there is a secret formula for getting hired into the career of your choice!

Most folks wonder what this is all about and I’m here to tell you that you must attend the FREE workshop to learn more…  It is not overly complex, but you have to hear it from the man, The Comeback Man, C. J. Brown III, who went from ‘Riches to Rags and Back Again‘…  Actually this is the title of his book as well.  A Veteran, became very, very successful, sold his business, got in with the wrong group managing his money and ended up homeless on the streets for three years!!! Getting back was not easy, but he did it and dedicated the rest of his life to helping others who don’t quite have the jobs they wanted or needed to do well in this life.  THIS is what the workshop is all about ~ helping others get to their dream jobs/careers!

IF you are unemployed or employed, but not in the right job fit, then you should get into this program and see what it is all about and learn how to tap the Hidden Job Market, update your resume, research companies hiring, etc, and finally find the right career for you!

Victory For Veterans has been looking for critical areas where our Veterans need some help and EMPLOYMENT is one of the top three.  The other two are HEALTH and HOUSING.



Back in November 2017, VFV launched its partnership with US Veteran Jobs and the IT Apprenticeship for those who feel an IT career is for them.  We have almost 100 in this program since Nov and it is going gangbusters!  IF you are interested in the IT field but not sure how to proceed, check out for more info or on our web site under IT Apprenticeship.



This blog is specifically about our Employment Initiatives and this new program called Career Camp: 28 Days to Employment.