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The “Colonel’s” VFV Motivational/Inspirational Quotes & Message of the Day!

“If you want to solve something, take a step back, focus on positive, change your thinking, and stick with your decision!”— COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs 

If you can solve your problem, then stop worrying.  If you can't solve, what is the use in worrying - move on!
Today's Message is: "Solve Day!" Why Not?

The “Colonel’s” VFV Motivational/Inspirational Quotes & Message of the Day!


Good “Saturday!” Morning “Band of Brothers & Sisters,” and all great connections.  Welcome to the weekend from the “Colonel’s Foxhole” in Conroe, TX — 29 June 2024!


Today’s Message is:  “Solve Day!”  Why Not?


“Great leaders solve any issue with the help and cooperation of others.  They put together a team of people with the knowledge and resources and they find the root cause – they solve it.  Have the right mindset, encourage people to express their thoughts, and solve a problem!” — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs 

More Awesome Quotes for Today’s Message:


“Calm can solve all issues.” — Pope Shenouda III


“Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn.  But most of all, experiences to enjoy.” — Unknown Author

“There are only two ways to solve a problem:  stop dwelling, and start doing.” — Emily Uraih


“Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems.  Look for someone who won’t let you face them alone.” — Unknown Author

“Life is a series of puzzles; all you have to do is solve the puzzles.” — Sam Owen


“Solve the problem or leave the problem.  Do not live with the problem.” — Unknown Author

“You don’t have to figure out how to solve all your problems right now.  Just figure out what you can do to feel better in this moment.” — Karen Salmansohn


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The problem is that too often those who created the problems are the same ones trying to solve them. The 2nd meme is inspired by the #2 comment above.

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Thank you Jack!


Good morning Col Burroughs and all of my brothers and sisters here on VFV. Do you have a problem so big that you can not solve? Take such problems to the Problem Solver, our Creator God. Have a blessed day today and always.

Taken from:

Biblical Problem Solving

Key Bible Verses: Psalm 115:3, Matthew 6:25-34

Biblical problem solving revolves around our relationship with God. The bigger your view of God, the smaller your problems become. Problems are produced not in what happens to us, but in on our unmet human expectations.

Biblical Problem Solving: Problems Are Different than Sins

Biblically, problems are different than sins. Problems are things like mistakes, issues, annoyances, or external complications needing to be solved. Sins…

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Great post Gene... Thank you Brother... It's good to be back home!


Good Saturday morning Colonel. I just couldn’t resist number 2.

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Number 2 is right on Robert! Thank you!

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