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Great BIG Thanks!

Hello everyone!

As we near the end of a great year and anticipate yet another banner year for Victory For Veterans I wanted to take just a moment to thank all who have helped make 2017 a hit!

To our board members: a BIG Thank You!

Doug Bolton, Mikel Burroughs, Jim Jaeger, Stephanie Jones, Angelea Torn, Cindy Crow, Brian Flach, Hutch Dubosque, David Van Waldick, and Beth Allsop

To our volunteers… to numerous to mention, but for their help with March On America, Flowers on Every Grave, Bike22 and other events and activities

To our Veterans:  for your service and sacrifices, but also for your endurance and hope you give to all!!!

To our Supports:  Thank you for your contributions of time, thought, money, action, and other ways you help us serve Veterans in need… including our Sponsors, Partners, Vendors and others…

…and THANK YOU to you who watch us grow, change, morph, and grope around the world of nonprofits as we serve Veterans in need.